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The Nominee is responsible for ensuring that all information, including that requested from third parties (e.g. nominator statements, verification of eligibility and recommendation letters), is submitted via the online portal by 5pm on Tuesday, November 27. Incomplete nominations, including those missing any information requested from a third party, will not be forwarded to the Selection Committee and will not be considered.

The Oklahoma Foundation for Excellence recognizes one outstanding public-school elementary teacher. The Medal winner will receive a $5,000 cash award and a glass sculpture designed specifically for this award. Honorees will be recognized at the Academic Awards Banquet, to be held at the Renaissance Hotel in Tulsa on May 18, 2019. By submitting a nomination, nominees commit themselves (if selected) to attend the event where the award will be conferred. Previous award winners are ineligible for nomination.

Basic Criteria:

The nominee must currently be a full-time employee of a public school in Oklahoma and must have demonstrated excellence in education. Each nominee’s performance will be evaluated in terms of his or her own particular teaching environment.

The nominee must have a teaching component in his or her current job description and expect to continue in an active teaching position in his or her school district throughout the 2018-2019 school year.

Before You Begin:

The following professional information and recommendations will be necessary to complete the online nomination process:

Complete information about the accomplishments of the nominee in the areas listed below

  1. Educational background, including institutions where nominee trained, dates and degree(s) granted
  2. Employment experience that has contributed to the nominee’s professional expertise, including institutions where the nominee has worked, positions held and dates for each
  3. Participation in opportunities for professional growth and/or continuing education, including dates
  4. Professional presentations, including dates
  5. Professional affiliations, including memberships, offices held and dates
  6. Community service, inside and outside of the teaching profession
  7. Teaching honors and awards, including dates

Verification by site principal that nominee meets the Basic Criteria for nomination as stated above

Statement from the Nominee, limited to 1,500 words

As an accomplished teacher, you base your practice on principles of learning that have proven effective for you. These principles may be based on prevailing theories of cognition, on truths learned from many years in the classroom, or on time-tested philosophies. Along with these principles, you have at your command a range of instructional techniques. You know when each is appropriate and you are able to implement each as needed.

Keeping in mind this standard of what accomplished teachers should know and be able to do, what makes you an effective teacher? When appropriate, give specific examples from your classroom teaching experience, including education innovations, and show how your teaching has enhanced student learning.

Statement from the Nominator, limited to 1,000 words

The nominator must specify his or her relationship to the nominee and describe the exceptional merits of the nominee.

Anyone is eligible to make nominations for this award.

Two Letters of Recommendation, limited to 1,000 words each

Each letter of recommendation must specify the writer’s relationship to the nominee and give specific examples that illustrate the professional qualifications of the nominee.

One letter must be written by a colleague currently within the school district; the second must be written by a student, a former student or the parent of such a student.